Customer Testimonials

“We have built a reputation for great tasting pizza in Staten Island for many years. When we decided to expand out of NY, our main concern was the water, knowing that water is the key ingredient for great tasting pizza. With the NJ water, our pizza just doesn’t taste the same. The crust was not as crispy or sturdy for toppings, and our sauce and food and soda had a different taste.

For years our solution was to literally drive ice from New York to our New Jersey location, which was working, but expensive and annoying, and would not work for franchising and expansion.

Along come the New York WaterMaker, which we installed in our Brick, NJ location about a year ago, and the pizza and our crust is EXACTLY the same as when we make it in NYC. This solution is allowing us to add additional franchisees in multiple states, knowing that we have a formula for success. This system works great, and our food tastes great.”

New York WaterMakerMike Burke
President & CEO
Staten Island, NYC