Fly Pie is Flying High with New York Watermaker Selling Over 2,500 Pizzas a Week

Little Falls, NJ – January 5, 2022 – Las Vegas-based Fly Pie, an exciting new drive-thru restaurant, lands authentic New York pizza in Las Vegas courtesy of New York Watermaker’s™ patent-pending water source replication system.

Launched in June of 2021 by flight crew owners, Scott Godino and Anthony Zuiker, the duo teamed up to open Fly Pie in an airplane hangar where customers drive-thru to order “pizza on the fly” and watch in-flight short films for entertainment while waiting for their orders. The two
opened the drive-thru pizza restaurant experience because there was nothing like it.

“We chose the New York Watermaker system because we wanted to bring an extra edge to Fly Pie by making the best product we possibly could,” said Godino. “The flying theme along with the drive-thru concept works so well for us because it only takes three minutes for us to serve up
fresh pizza, thanks to our unique ovens that cook our pizza in three minutes. People literally order their food, wait a few minutes and then drive out. And while they’re waiting for their order, they can watch our animated short films.”

Godino is no newbie to the restaurant scene as he owns two other restaurants, another one in Vegas and the other in Henderson. Zuiker, a TV writer/producer and the creator of the series, CSI, is the brainchild behind Fly Pie’s short films on the fly concept. All their animated shorts are based off Fly Pie’s characters.

“Scott and Anthony created a winning combination in Las Vegas, and we’re thrilled they chose the New York Watermaker system to provide their customers with the best tasting pizza and garlic knots throughout the Vegas area,” said Paul Errigo, New York Watermaker CEO. “Selling over 2,500 pizzas a week is a true testament to our water replication system’s President & ability to create consistent, authentic New York pizza anywhere.”

Godino added, “Our customers have noticed the flavor being different than what they are used to in Vegas and New York transplants, who now live in the area, have confirmed the flavor. We couldn’t be happier with the pizzas that we’re making.”

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About New York Watermaker™:

Launched in 2018 at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, NV, New York Watermaker™ manufactures its innovative, patent-pending water replication system that allows restaurants, bakeries, bagel stores, pizzerias, and beverage companies to replicate the specific type of water used in a key geographical location, or customize any water profile they desire. Businesses can now create NYC bagels or pizza anywhere in the world, and franchisors and multiple facility operators can ensure that their food and/or beverages taste exactly the same across multiple locations and regions.


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