Bricco Pizza Proves that Water Matters When it Comes to Making Authentic New York Pizza

Little Falls, NJ – April 12, 2022 – Philadelphia-based Bricco Pizza uses New York Watermaker’s™ patent-pending water source replication system to make authentic New York pizza — selling over 1,200 pizzas a week, customers certainly notice the difference.

To say owner Vincenzo Barone grew up around pizza is an understatement. Raised in Naples, Italy, he was always surrounded by pizza and open his first restaurant with his dad after graduating high school. He has had six restaurants under his belt. In 2014 when he decided to go back to his roots, he opened Bricco Coal Fired Pizza in Westmont, New Jersey and eventually opened Bricco Pizza Romana four years later.

When Barone was working on his Roman-style concept for Bricco Pizza Romana, he chose the New York Watermaker system. “I needed 85% hydration. Because of this, I had to ensure the key ingredient, which is water, had to be the perfect profile. I did my research on pH and proteins in flours and the NY Watermaker was the ideal choice. And we’ve been using their system ever since,” said Barone.

The concept behind Bricco Coal Fired Pizza came find Barone’s inspiration for wanting something truly unique. Once he decided on coal-fired pizza, he set out to create the most authentic Old World New York pizza. “We developed a custom-made oven that combines our aged dough, fresh ingredients and the art of baking in our 1,000-degree coal-fired oven to create the most delicious flavors on a thin crust and char them to perfection,” said Barone. “Our oven is one of the most expensive pizza ovens in the world. It requires a two-hour pre-lighting process and hourly monitoring in order to provide our customers with the best pizza imaginable!”

When Barone was asked what sets him apart from other pizzerias, he said, “It’s the dough and our char crust. And thanks to New York Watermaker, we’ve achieved the unachievable by making the perfect dough. Using NY Watermaker water to create our 72-hour dough process and then cooking in our coal oven gives us a truly unique pizza.”

“Vincenzo is a well-regarded artisan pizzaiolo with a passion for perfection. From our very first conversation with Vincenzo, we knew his commitment to making the very best pizza, and to using only the finest gourmet ingredients,” said Gary Lane, VP of Sales, New York Watermaker. “With water quality high on his list, he sought out New York Watermaker and wanted a system installed right away. Bricco has NYWM systems installed in both locations, and we’re happy to contribute towards the success of the Bricco Pizza brand. They produce superior gourmet pizza with amazing crust; it’s no wonder why Bricco’s pizza is rated one of the best in NJ.”

Bricco Customers Notice the Difference

Barone first got the NY Watermaker system in their Philly restaurant. “One day, as an experiment, he decided to try the NYWM water at his NJ location, and to his surprise it made a huge difference. “After going back to making pizza with the local water, our customers noticed the difference. I honestly didn’t think anyone would notice, but I was terribly wrong. The dough was drastically different in taste and texture and we heard about it. So needless to say, we now have the NYWM at both locations,” said Barone. “That is a true testament to New York Watermaker’s water.”

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Launched in 2018 at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, NV, New York Watermaker™ manufactures its innovative, patent-pending water replication system that allows restaurants, bakeries, bagel stores, pizzerias, and beverage companies to replicate the specific type of water used in a key geographical location, or customize any water profile they desire. Businesses can now create NYC bagels or pizza anywhere in the world, and franchisors and multiple facility operators can ensure that their food and/or beverages taste exactly the same across multiple locations and regions.


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