Water Replication

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New York City (NYC) is the culinary capital of the world. The key ingredient in its cuisine is the renowned water. For those outside of the Big Apple, it has been nearly impossible to reproduce this legendary food taste and quality…UNTIL NOW…

New York WaterMaker is the world’s first water source replication system that will enable restaurants and franchisors to reproduce the superior taste and quality of NYC food and beverages— anywhere in the world.

Our patented, small water system not only reproduces the exact hardness, molecular structure, and chemical composition of NYC water, but also can be configured to replicate the specific water
qualities from ANY CITY IN THE WORLD!

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About Company

New York WaterMaker is improving the taste and consistency of food around the globe, allowing restaurants, pizzerias, bakeries, bagel stores, and franchisors to replicate the taste of water from ANY city in the world, such as New York City, San Francisco, or another city or town. Businesses can now create New York pizza or bagels in the Midwest, or a franchisor can ensure their food tastes the same across multiple locations and regions! Don’t miss out, call now for your free consultation…

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Product DescriptionMarket Opportunity

New York WaterMaker has created a groundbreaking water replication system that will allow restaurants and franchisors to offer customers improved food quality, consistency, and taste that can only be possible by cooking with NYC water, the best cooking water in the world.

The New York WaterMaker system is a patent-pending water source replication system that not only functions as a commercial water filter, but also replicates the exact hardness, molecular structure, and chemical composition of a specific location’s water, with a key focus on replicating NYC’s water.

There is a significant worldwide demand for NYC water, given the water’s ability to improve food and beverage taste, and the New York WaterMaker system will revolutionize the culinary world by elevating restaurants around the world to the gold standard of New York City.

To meet the potentially large demand for the New York WaterMaker system, the Company has partnered with GREENCROWN Water Systems to exclusively manufacture the units. By outsourcing the manufacturing, New York WaterMaker will be able to focus their efforts on marketing the product to potential customers, franchisors, and distributors.

System Features & Benefits


The NewYork WaterMaker improve customer experience
  • Consistent food taste and quality in all geographic locations.
  • Improve the taste, smell, and texture of food and beverages while preventing hardening.
  • Increase sales and profits by delivering superior tasting products. Restaurants can sell their own private-labeled bottled water instead of third-party products.
  • Reduce expenses by extending the life of existing equipment, cutting maintenance and potential shipping costs, using less soda syrup, and more.
  • Effective water filtration, disinfection, and softening ensures the removal/reduction of unwanted minerals while eliminating bacteria and other neurotoxins – without using chemicals.
  • New York WaterMaker is proudly made in America.